Why Natural Charcoal ?



Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal Facts:


Lump charcoal is left in irregular shaped pieces eliminating the need for fillers and binders. Because it is not compressed, lump charcoal ignites easily.

With natural wood charcoal, feel free to start cooking before it's fully lit and get some of the wonderful smoke flavors into your food from woods like hickory, oak, sugar maple, beech and birch just to name a few.

Natural wood charcoal is a convenient time-saving way to cook over wood. Instead of building a large fire and waiting for it to burn it down to coals, we can light wood charcoal and start cooking.

Wood charcoal contains roughly 9,000 BTU’s per pound but seasoned wood has only about 7,000 BTU’s per pound due to the water it is still carrying.

When looking at other brands out there remember: if it doesn't say 'Natural Wood Charcoal' it isn't.


All of our products are 100 % natural charcoal.


Cooking with wood is a much different experience than cooking with any other kind of heat. With wood, the flavor and quality of the wood has a direct affect on the taste of the food. Many people prefer cooking with wood to any other type of cooking at home while others have businesses and restaurants where they serve their own special recipes that reflect the flavor of the woods they use. Because of the impact the wood has on the food, it is important to make the choice of quality wood that has the right flavor to produce the results you want. The cooking wood that you get from our products will provide you with the quality results that you want.

Cooking with wood is one way that many restaurants produce food that is easily distinguished from the rest. They know the importance of providing their customers with the quality food that stands out from that served in other restaurants. That’s what JN Firewood does, too! They offer the highest quality wood on the market so that any individual or restaurant cooking with wood will recognize their product as being of superior quality so that they return to them time and time again.


Benefits of Lump Charcoal


Good quality lump is very clean burning fuel. It also burns hotter than briquettes if it's allowed to get lots of oxygen. But if it's used in a grill or smoker that has good ventilation control, the burn rate of the lump can be controlled, which regulates the cooking temperature.

Since there are no additives or fillers, there is very little ash remaining after the coals burn. This is a big plus and makes cleanup after grilling or smoking easier.

Lump charcoal burns hot, and with some brands your grill can reach over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit! Perfect for grilling steaks. You just can't get this kind of heat out of briquettes.


Al Naim:


We are delighted to bring you this great way to smoke cleaner tasting shisha. These unique 100% natural hookah charcoals are made from compressed coconut shell and burns up to 3 times longer than any other natural coal. Eco-friendly, odorless and tasteless, Al Naim coals are easily lit on a stovetop and are the natural coals of choice for many hookah enthusiasts.




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